Laurence Gardner 1943 - 2010
Laurence Gardner 1943 - 2010

Laurence Gardner was a prominent author and speaker in the alternative history genre of research and writing, whose published works presented often controversial revisionist theories, challenging orthodox views of world history.

Based in England, Laurence's writing career began in 1996 with Bloodline of the Holy Grail, which achieved international success with top-10 listing in The Sunday Times bestsellers chart. This was followed by Genesis of the Grail Kings (1999), Realm of the Ring Lords (2001), Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark (2003), The Magdalene Legacy (2005), The Shadow of Solomon (2006) and The Grail Enigma (2008).

Following a long illness, Laurence died on Thursday 12th August 2010 leaving two completed new books - The Origin of God and Revelation of the Devil. During this period of deteriorating health, Laurence relinquished all work other than the completion of these two books. As he was unable to give talks about their subject matter, his good friend and colleague Edmund Marriage Principal of the Patrick Foundation, has agreed to be Laurence's spokesperson, representing him in interviews. Edmund, was a frequent visitor to Laurence's home where they would discuss Laurence's latest books and the work of Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien, whose pre-eminent research in their books The Shining Ones and The Genius of the Few helped facilitate Laurence's work.

From 1998 until 2010, Laurence Gardner was a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, a charitable body which promotes the study of the antiquities and history of Scotland, through archaeological research.

In the artistic domain, Laurence was a Conservation Consultant to Britain's Fine Art Trade Guild and in the world of music and performing arts, his libretto compositions such as The Marriage at Cana have been performed at London's Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. His writing career included collaborative projects with national institutions such as the British Tourist Association, the National Parks Authority, The Queen's Bays Regimental Museum, the Government of Ontario and the Russian Ministry of Culture.

Revelation of the Devil - Laurence Gardner Revelation of the Devil will not be available until 2011. The manuscript has been submitted for proof reading via Dash House Publishing.

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