Lost Secrets in Concert

Lost Secrets in Concert - Music Sheet
Lost Secrets in Concert

MUSIC OF THE QUANTUM To coincide with the United States launch of Laurence Gardner's book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, a special three-part musical suite was composed for its premiere performance in New York on 22 March 2003. Entitled 'Music of the Quantum', the concert debut took place at the Quantum Criticality sessions hosted by Columbia University Department of Physics in association with ICAM (the Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter).

Composed by the legendary Jaz Coleman, Composer in Residence for the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and introduced by Meigan Aronson, Professor of Physics at the University of Michigan, 'Music of the Quantum' was dedicated to Laurence Gardner and his research concerning superconductive elements in Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark.

Jaz Coleman - 80s Group Killing Joke
Jaz Coleman - 80s Group Killing Joke

Jaz Coleman's popular career began with the 1980s group Killing Joke and has since led to his association with the London Symphony, the Prague Symphony, the Cleveland Symphony, the Auckland Philharmonia and others of the world's finest orchestras for whom he has conducted his unique arrangements and compositions. He is additionally noted for his collaborative work with Anne Dudley (award winning film composer for The Full Monty), along with his orchestral variations for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Doors.

Well known for his dramatic violin arrangements for Vanessa-Mae and Nigel Kennedy, Jaz also arranged and conducted the five-times Platinum winning album 'Promeny' by the astounding Czech band Cechomor. Those performing 'Music of the Quantum' in New York were led by the renowned virtuoso, violinist Pavel Sporcl, and included notable musicians such as Jan Buble of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Piers Coleman - Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Piers Coleman Ph.D.
Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Completing the home team at the Quantum Criticality event was Jaz's illustrious brother Piers Coleman, Professor of Physics and Astronomy (Center for Materials Theory) at Rutgers State University of New Jersey and Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. A Fellow of the American Physics Society and U.S. Editor of the Journal of Physics (Condensed Matter), Piers lectures internationally on matters of quantum physics and superconductivity.

Superconductive levitation and the Meissner effect
Superconductive levitation and the Meissner effect - Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Details of the ICAM Quantum Criticality event at Columbia University

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