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Peter Robson - Painter & Sculptor
Peter Robson - Entropic Fine Art Inc

Born in wartime London, England, Peter Robson moved to Canada in 1966. A resident of South-western Ontario, his studio is in the quaint, historic village of Sparta. The popularity of Peter's original painting and sculpture has gained him recognition in private and corporate collections across the world. As the appointed Court painter to the Royal House of Stewart, his work is on permanent display from the McLaughlin Estate in Oshawa, to the Tower of London and the Borovsk Museum of Art near Moscow.

For many years Peter Robson and Laurence Gardner have been collaborating on artistic design and cultural works for various galleries and corporate institutions, with particular acclaim from the Premier of Ontario and the Russian Ministry of Culture. A 1995 example of their joint deliberations resulted in Peter's 'Project Genisys' painting. This was commissioned to commemorate a new computer system (Genisys: from Geni System) for the Nesbitt Burns investment firm. They were among the first companies in North America to adopt the then new Windows 95 operating system (see the subtle use of the logo in the waterfall section), participating in its Canadian launch at the Toronto CN Tower.

Project Genisys - Geni System - Nesbitt Burns Investment
Project Genisys - View

Unicornplate Peter Robson
Unicornplate - View

Robson Timeless Embrace Bronze
Timeless Embrace - View

Ezekiel Vision
Ezekiel Vision - View

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